Knowledge 2019 is the largest ServiceNow gathering of the year, and I was fortunate to attend with Monochrome as an “Emerging Innovator Partner”.

A key takeaway for us was the information David Parsons (SVP Global Alliances) shared about the new ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem. ServiceNow customers have found the Gold, Silver, and Bronze classifications too vague for their requirements. The new partner classifications will be Elite, Premier, Specialist, and Registered. With this change, 
ServiceNow has established a new global partner segmentation framework to inform, and more intuitively recognise, the various levels of partner specialisation across its ecosystem. It allows the partners who offer full implementations to be easily identified, but also allows for innovative partners such as Monochrome, which is dedicated to making Service Portals, to be found by customers seeking specialists.

Looking around the Expo Hall from the Emerging Innovators section, I noticed partners’ booths took up half of the hall, and it became clear to me just how important partners are to ServiceNow’s success. I slaked my curiosity by wandering over to other partner booths and noted that much of my discussions had a common theme. If ServiceNow wants to live up to the statement “Investment in innovation is our number one investment priority” (John Donahoe, ServiceNow CEO), then it needs to make sure its Partner Ecosystem remains healthy. 

The new segmentation, along with useful updates to the Partner Portal, and that Emerging Innovators like us can get to meet Global Heads like Greg Petroff, proves that ServiceNow is encouraging partners to innovate in the ServiceNow environment. This means development can move a faster rate, which ultimately benefits all of us.