SPOC CEO, Marcin Tyburski, has watched the event transform over the years, to the spectacle it is today. It’s not only Marcin who had a positive feeling towards this year’s event. Other members of SPOC’s team also had a productive and enjoyable time. 

Milena, the Head of M&D, was focused on the updates relating to IT Operations Management and ITSM. For her, one of the main improvements is the new Agent Workspace. This improved User Interface (UI) offers a central point for Agents to manage their work. The feature offers convenience, and due to the use of React and Bootstrap 4, the application is intuitive and very attractive.

ServiceNow seems to have embraced the Business Change approach. As such, there is a clear focus on people and processes, as well as technology. We are seeing additions and improvements to a number of applications, which are changing the way we work, including Virtual Agent, Flow Designer and Mobile Applications.

This is critical, I’ve seen it with our customers, and in our own work. Pairing innovative technology with experience, and knowledge of service delivery is a powerful combination.