There was so much happening at this year’s Knowledge 2019 event and so many new announcements that it is hard to pick a favourite. However, living in the ITOM world, I would have to say the introduction and overall design of the Operator Workspace is my pick of the bunch. I was always a fan of the Agent Workspace, and I am pleased to see ServiceNow sticking with this theme and bringing the functionality to other areas of the platform.

While I wasn’t able to get “hands-on” with the Operator Workspace at Knowledge as it’s not ready for official release, I was able to talk one of my contacts into giving me a detailed overview and to say I was impressed is an understatement. 

As well as the new workspace, Service Mapping and Event Management have been given a complete face-lift, but it’s not just cosmetic as there are some excellent additions. These include the ability to run remote commands such as fetching running processes or restarting a service.

The introduction of the Alert Insight section within the workspace is an important win as it seamlessly brings together knowledge articles, related alerts, incidents, and changes to help identify root causes and potential fixes all in one place. You can quickly and easily create and escalate incidents and send notifications to the required teams, simplifying what usually is a somewhat overly complicated process.

But more than all the added bells and whistles, for me it’s the way the spaces have been brought together into an intuitive experience that is going to be a real game changer for anyone spending a lot of time in the event module.