These events are never easy to put on, making sure you can cater for the needs of so many different audiences, but luckily I just had the easy part of turning up and enjoying the event, and just a small part to play in delivering a presentation on how my organisation is realising value from using Freshdesk to manage our customer engagement.

Having been to my fair share of events of this type, I have a lot of experiences to draw on, some good and some not so good, and I would say this event was an excellent launching platform for Freshworks. This is new territory for a rapidly expanding company, and this was a huge step in getting closer to its customer base and offering some valuable insight into its roadmap and vision.

Everybody I spoke to had good things to say about the event, with highlights across the two days including the evening-after party entertainment and the high-profile speakers across the agenda.

I did a turn on the stage, and I believe it was well received. Certainly the feedback was positive, and people found it useful and relatable to see a real-life example of the platforms working. I also made some new contacts and caught up with some existing ones; it’s always good to see where others are on their journey.

I hope Refresh is something that FreshWorks plans to repeat next year and going forward, as I believe it really encourages transparency and will help form lasting relationships between not only Freshworks and its customers, but also between those customers. I would certainly attend again to share in some of the insights and experiences of others using the products.