AXELOS has found in a new report that 97% of organisations and 84% of individuals say certification has a positive impact, bringing higher efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Decision-makers state that meeting company and industry requirements (58%), keeping pace with changing technology (54%) and improving employee productivity (54%) were the main reasons for sponsoring certification.

The report “The Power of Professional Certification” also shows that there is organisational support for learning and development needs. Almost two thirds (61%) of polled professionals say their employers allow them to have days away from work for training. More than half (53%) also reported that they receive funding for training.

AXELOS’ research also shows that individuals’ intentions to pursue certification is mainly driven by the desire to build new skills (66%) and gain confidence in professional skills (52%).

Catherine Newman, CCO of AXELOS, says: “This research provides us with important insights. It also confirms the value certification brings with it for both individuals and organisations.

“We know that holding a certificate is an indicator for having achieved something. It shows that professionals have expertise and skills in a certain area. But it also proves that they invest in their own continuous learning and improvement – and this is absolutely essential in today’s fast-moving world.”

“Our data shows that ITSM and traditional PPM certifications are expected to be in high demand over the next two years and beyond. This is great news for everybody already certified and for those considering getting a certification in this area.”

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